Manga Legend Osamu Tezuka--Live Onstage in Washington DC!

Attention, anime and manga fans who live in the Washington DC area: The play Astro Boy and the God of Comics, a tribute to the late manga maestro Osamu Tezuka, is currently being performed at Studio Theater. This production is scheduled to run until March 11, 2012.

Astro Boy and the God of Comics was written and staged by Natsu Onoda Power, a lifetime fan of Tezuka's work. In fact, Power earned her PhD at Northwestern University through a dissertation on Tezuka, which she later adapted into her book God of Comics: Osamu Tezuka and the Creation of Post World War II Manga.

Tezuka's Astro Boy, on the printed page... 

... And on the stage at Studio Theater.

Power's play weaves together certain aspects of Tezuka's real life with the fictional life of one of his most popular characters, Astro Boy. Even though Tezuka is known for his work in manga, Power uses a wide variety of art--cartooning, animation, video, drawing, illustration, and puppetry--as part of her play. By using an eclectic selection of visual expression while examining the life of Tezuka, Astro Boy and the God of Comics honors both Tezuka's legacy and the exuberant spirit that springs from all forms of artistic creation.

Click here for information about show times and tickets, as well as to read Peter Marks' review for The Washington Post. Click here and here to read additional reviews from the Washington City Paper and the We Love DC site.


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