Prometheus Technology and New Aliens: Colonial Marines Game Footage Revealed

Being a die-hard Alien fan, I've been doing everything that I can to avoid spoilers for both the upcoming Prometheus prequel and the Aliens: Colonial Marines video game so that I can experience them as freshly as possible. I speculated about both projects on this blog before (see here and here) but I didn't want to go too much further than that. Nevertheless, too much fun-yet-non-spoilery stuff has happened lately with these titles that I couldn't help but to mention them here.

* In keeping with its viral marketing campaign, two sites have been launched in relation to Prometheus: the Weyland Industries site, and the Project Prometheus site. Project Prometheus has high-resolution pictures and schematics of the Prometheus spaceship, the Med Pod 7201, and the RT01 Transport. Each of these machines are featured in the Prometheus preview trailers, and I'm guessing that more tech specs will appear on the Project Prometheus site in the weeks to come.

* During the PAX East event that was held in Boston at the beginning of this month, Sega released more details about Aliens: Colonial Marines, which is scheduled for release this fall. The game will include a multiplayer co-op feature that allows up to four players to play through the central campaign. The most tantalizing revelation from PAX East (at least in my opinion) was the preview video that shows clips from the game's first mission: boarding the adrift and abandoned U.S.S. Sulaco to retrieve its flight recorder. Check it out:

Click here to see the comprehensive list that the AvP Galaxy site assembled of the Aliens: Colonial Marines press coverage at PAX East.


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