When Hotties and Horrors Collide at Atomic Cheesecake Studios

Pinup models and pulp art for horror and sci-fi go together like peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, and hacking and slashing. This has been a winning combination for decades, adding curves and creeps to countless movie posters and covers of novels, magazines and comic books. Yet with many modern horror and sci-fi posters and publications trending towards heavily photoshopped pictures, what will become of this dynamic duo that fired the feverish imaginations of fantasy and fright fans for so long?

Meet Stacey Barich. She owns and operates Atomic Cheesecake Studios in Baltimore, Maryland where she specializes in portrait photography that captures the classic pinup look that was popular during the 40s and 50s. Given her choice of style, her models often pose with classic fashions, cars, furniture and other items from the Atomic Age. Click here to read an interview with Barich over at the Pinup Directory site. She will also have a special edition of Retro Lovely Magazine completely devoted to her work; click here to order your copy.

Thankfully for us vintage horror fans, Barich has done a few photo shoots that pay tribute to horror comic books and movies from the same era. Click below to see some examples of her glamorous and ghoulish work.

Attack of the 50-foot pinups!

Pinups vs. carnivorous jungle plants!

Pinups in printed peril!

Halloween pinups!

Of course, Ms. Barich is open to monster-themed ideas suggested by clients. Below are three Frankenstein-themed photos that Barich took as part of an engagement portfolio for graphic artists Paigey Pumphrey (see her work here) and Phil 'Ballsy' Balsman (see his work here).

Go to the Atomic Cheesecake Studios site for more examples of Barich’s photography, as well as information about pricing, scheduling, and how to prepare for a shoot.

Rotted Cheesecake: Here’s a zombie enjoying his preferred kind of pinups.


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