Coming in 2013, by Popular Demand: Lou and Yana's JawsFest 4!

I just heard this news a few days ago and I have to pass it on: Lou and Yana's JawsFest 4: Revenge of the Finatics will be shooting this summer, with the intended release on DVD in late 2013.

The original trilogy of JawsFest DVDs were made by Lou and Dianna "Yana" Pisano (read my JawsFest DVD reviews here and here), and their original plan was to cease production after the third film. Yet fans of Jaws and the JawsFest videos have persuaded the Pisanos to shoot a fourth and final JawsFest film, which will feature footage from the upcoming JawsFest: The Tribute event that will be held in Martha's Vineyard from August 9 - 12 of this year.

In addition to the JawsFest: The Tribute event, JawsFest 4 will cover some more Jaws-significant locations and items that remain to be documented on video for fans everywhere to see. There will also be some exclusive Jaws-related footage that won't be available anywhere else. The cast of Jaws fans from the previous films will be returning (including Mike "Quint" Hadji), as well as some new faces adding to the fin-tastic fun. From what I've heard, an official JawsFest 4 poster is in the works and a number of musicians and bands have expressed interest in writing a song for the film.

Personally, I think that this is great news. I won't be able to attend JawsFest: The Tribute (my geeky heart says yes, yes, but my bank account says hell no) so I'm looking forward to having video footage of this event to add to my Jaws collection. Furthermore, any media that's produced by the Pisanos is a treat to have. They are still doing their Lou and Yana's TalkFest online talk radio show--an excellent radio show that just keeps getting better--and they'll be discussing JawsFest 4 on this week's episode. Click here to go to their show's page and listen to new and past episodes.


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