The New Bad Blood Predator Statue from Sideshow Collectibles

Even though the Predator movie franchise appears to be dormant at the moment, Predator collectibles keep showing up everywhere and Sideshow Collectibles' latest is a doozy. It's a statue named "Bad Blood Predator", and it depicts a Predator who has been hunting, killing and decapitating members of his own space-faring, big-game-hunting race.

The statue’s name is a nod to a 1994 Dark Horse Comics' Predator miniseries of the same name. The Predator: Bad Blood miniseries was the first story to feature a Predator who hunts and kills other Predators. This kind of rouge Predator character would appear in several other Predator comics (including the 1995 Batman vs. Predator II: Bloodmatch crossover miniseries) and in some Predator-related video games. I also suspect that it influenced Robert Rodriguez's creation of the "Super Predators" that appeared in the 2010 Predators movie, even though he has said in interviews that he drew no inspiration from the Predator comics when writing his script. The complete Bad Blood series can currently be found in Dark Horse's Predator Omnibus Volume 3.

The Bad Blood Predator statue looks like a great piece of gruesome, gory Predator fun. (I just wish that Hollywood would finally grow a Predator-ready spine and deliver a Predator sequel that's as deliriously violent as this statue.) Click here to learn more about statue pricing and pre-order details.


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