A Preview of Jaws Estuary Attack Diorama by Sculptoria Studio

In September 2012, I did a two-part interview with Nigel Humphreys, sculptor and founder of Sculptoria Studio, about a selection of collectible dioramas that he was preparing for avid horror and sci-fi geeks like me. I recently received word that one of these dioramas, which depicts the Estuary Attack scene from Jaws, is ready for sale. Click below for more pictures of this amazing piece of Jaws art.

There isn't much I can say about the Estuary Attack diorama other than it is gorgeous, a remarkable scale-adjusted recreation of a memorable attack scene from Steven Spielberg's 1975 creature feature. To give you an idea of how well this diorama compares to its source material, I've provided a screen capture of the scene below for direct comparison with the diorama.

As you can see, Sculptoria Studio has created an impressive piece of art that would make a great addition to the collection of any avid Jaws fan. Here are some additional pictures that provide a closer look at the diorama's many details:

The Estuary Attack diorama is the first of many other collectible items that will be released by Sculptoria Studio. Future releases will include more pieces based on Jaws and other hit movies such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Fog and 300. If you are interested in purchasing the Estuary Attack diorama, contact Sculptoria Studio at nrhcollectables@gmail.com.


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