Kotobukiya Updates Tomy's Z-Knights

A while back, I published a retrospective post about Zoids, Tomy's popular line of motorized toy robot kits. One of its lesser known spin-offs was Z-Knights. This other toy line matched the overall design aesthetic of the Zoids (e.g., intricate designs that allowed for motion, tiny pilot figures, rubber connector cap, etc.) but instead of robots shaped dinosaurs, insects and other animals, Z-Knights were robots with humanoid forms that would lumber along on two legs courtesy of wind-up or battery-powered motors.

Two robots from the original Z-Knights toy line.

Z-Knights disappeared from toy shelves about as quickly as they arrived, but they haven't been forgotten by Zoid fans. Thus, Kotobukiya just released upgraded versions of two of the Z-Knight kits--Type-K and Type-V--for both dedicated Zoid collectors and new robot hobbyists alike. Click below to see how Kotobukiya breathed new life into these amazing robot designs (photos courtesy of Hobby Search).

Since the Kotobukiya versions of the Z-Knights do not have to accommodate bulky motors under their armor, the new designs are much more streamlined and feature multiple points of articulation. Even though they can't walk like the original toys, they still include the Zoid hallmarks of tiny pilot figures and rubber connector caps in order to let collectors know what kind of toy robots they really are.


The original Tomy design of the K-Type Z-Knight (left), standing next to its Kotobukiya revamp.


Click here and here to order your Kotobukiya Z-Knight kits.


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