The Space Travel Tech of Alien: Isolation

After a long wait, Creative Assembly's Alien: Isolation finally hit the store shelves a few days ago and the response by both critics and gamers alike has been extremely positive. From what I've gathered by reading the reviews, this game does a superb job at re-creating the look and feel of the Alien universe as it was originally envisioned by Ridley Scott, but how much you'll enjoy Isolation depends upon how much you can tolerate being stalked and killed by a towering Xenomorph over and over and over again.

As with most other quality games based on established franchises, the visual designs in Isolation expand upon its source material in exciting and engrossing ways. Concept artist and illustrator Brad Wright recently posted a few pictures of the game's concept art on, so I snagged a few to focus the game's primary space vehicles: the Aneisdora, the space vessel that transports a Xenomorph to the space station Sevastopol; and the Torrens, the space vessel that takes Amanda Ripley (daughter of Ellen Ripley) to Sevastopol to retrieve the flight recorder from the lost Nostromo. Click below to see more pictures of these latest additions to the Alien saga's fleet.

What stuck me about the Aneisdora and the Torrens is how both combine parts from other key ships in the franchise--the Prometheus, the Nostromo, and the Sulaco--into new vehicles that feel like they belong in the Alien universe.

The Aneisdora:

The Torrens:

Likewise, the space station Sevastopol (see below) bears a close resemblance to the ore refinery that the Nostromo was hauling in Alien.

Click here to see more concept art from Alien: Isolation.


  1. Glad to see that Alien games are back on the right track, both in terms of faithfulness to original lore and in gameplay quality.

    1. I feel the same way. I guess putting the "survival" aspect back into "survival horror" gaming goes a long, long way.


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