Coming in June: The Jaws Sequels on Blu-ray

At last, Universal does something right with the Jaws franchise (sort of).

This June, the three Jaws sequels--Jaws 2, Jaws 3 and Jaws: The Revenge--will be released on Blu-ray. These sequels arrive four years after the first film received a deluxe Blu-ray treatment in 2012. I've heard from friends over the years that the Jaws sequels have been available as high-definition digital rentals, so this will mark the first time that the HD versions of the sequels will be available as hard copies.

Unfortunately, even though these sequels will look great on HD televisions, the Blu-rays will be slim on extras. As far as I can tell, the only new extra we'll be getting out of these sequels is a 3D Blu-ray version of Jaws 3--which is great news for 3D aficionados like me but not so great for Jaws fans who could care less about 3D. The Jaws 2 Blu-ray will have the same extras as the 2001 DVD release, and Jaws: The Revenge won't have anything extra but the theatrical trailer. I don't even know which ending will be included on the Revenge Blu-ray: the original mechanical-shark-impaled-on-a-boat-bow ending or the alternative toy-shark-in-bathtub-suddenly-exploding ending.

So, for Jaws completists who are hoping for new outtakes, deleted scenes, stills, production features and/or commentary tracks for the sequels, forget about it. (Fun trivia fact: Both Jaws 3 and Revenge had half-hour specials that aired on primetime TV to promote them, but neither of them will be included on the Blu-ray releases.) Jaws 2 fans can always pick up Jaws 2: The Making of the Hollywood Sequel book by Louis R. Pisano and Michael A. Smith to go with their Blu-ray. As for me, I plan on picking up Jaws 3 and Bait so I can finally have a double feature night with 3D monster sharks.


  1. Hey there. Have you had a chance to see which ending the Revenge blu ray has?

    1. You probably heard about this by now but in case you haven't, the Blu-ray has the theatrical ending as an extra.


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