Is a Reboot of The Fly Actually Happening?

It's amazing what you can find when you're just buzzing around the Internet.

I'm currently working on a review of Curse of the Fly for a book called Unsung Horrors, which is being assembled by the same people who published 70s Monster Memories. I've been assembling my thoughts about the movie and looking around the web (no pun intended) to see if I can find any little-known factoids about the second sequel to the original The Fly. During my searches, I found a graphic arts company called Stormbrush, which is owned and operated by illustrator Calvin Chua, which has a design page titled "Project Fly Reboot".

Based on the information and pictures provided on the page, I'm guessing that this artwork is for a proposed remake/reboot of David Cronenberg's The Fly, which itself was a remake. The page includes some interesting designs, such as what the new telepod and teleportation process would be like, but the best part is the artwork for the new man-fly monster. As you can see below, plenty of thought has gone into the seven-stage mutation process:

According to the page, the new monster will "use the basic structure and poses of an insect, but with distorted and infected flesh, cross(ed) over with insect patterns, hairs and leg parts. The middle legs (are) only revealed at the end of the transformation, which affects the pose and walk cycle, making it completely non-human." I think Stormbrush's man-fly monster design is delightfully repulsive and vastly more impressive than the monsters seen in IDW's misguided The Fly: Outbreak comic book miniseries.

The reboot images are almost a year old and the site doesn't confirm if this project really has wings (pun fully intended). However, if Stormbrush's designs are any indication, this revisit to the world of grotesque human-insect hybrids could be worth the wait.


  1. This reminds me of christopher johnson from district 9


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