A Look at Hallmark's Alien Queen Christmas Ornament

Ovipositor, eggs, and cocooned victims not included.

With this year marking the 30th anniversary of Aliens, it only makes sense for Hallmark to release an ornament based on that movie's main monster: the Alien Queen. Read on for my review and more photos of this Aliens collectible.

In light of its small size, Hallmark's Alien Queen is an impressive replica of Jim Cameron's original creature design. The ornament captures many of the Alien Queen's features, particularly those found in the crown, torso and tail. This replica is made of a dark navy blue plastic and painted with a gold trim that calls attention to its fine detailing.

In comparison to Hallmark's 2014 Xenomorph ornament, the Alien Queen is lighter and more fragile. This could break (or at least chip) if it took a serious topple on to a hard surface, so be sure to hang it on your tree in a place where it could fall on branches beneath it. It also cannot stand on its own; to take these photos, I either had to tilt it backwards against a firm object or hold it in my hand. For collectors who'd like to put this replica on display somewhere other than a Christmas tree, they'll have to loop some kind of support string through the hook loop on its head to get it to stand upright.

Mother and Child Reunion: Hallmark's ornaments for Alien and Aliens.

As you can see from the picture above, the Alien Queen ornament is around the same size as the Xenomorph ornament. For die-hard Alien collectors who want scale-accurate figures to go with this Alien Queen, I would recommend the Ripley, Hicks, Kane and Xenomorph mini-figures that were released as part of Galoob's Alien Micro Machines collection during the '90s. The Micro Machines Predator mini-figures would also work.


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