Kenner Strikes Again: Super 7's Giant Aliens Figure

To paraphrase an old adage, some toys never die ... they just get re-released with new coloring, sculpts and packaging.

Case in point: Kenner's classic 18-inch Alien figure from 1979. Even though it didn't sell well when it was originally released as part of Kenner's poorly planned Alien toy line, it has gone on to have an impressive after-shelf-life. It became a prized item among toy collectors, and some companies in recent years have re-released the original sculpt with various degrees of changes (larger sizes, all silver coloring, all gold coloring, etc.). Now, Super 7 plans to re-release this figure yet again, but this time with sculpt changes to match the Xenomorph's appearance from the first sequel Aliens.

From what I've been able to gather from the prototype pics that I found around the 'net, Super 7's new Xenmorph figure will be ready for this month's San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). The figure will come with exclusive SDCC prototype packaging, so I'm assuming that this figure will be available after SDCC but with a different color scheme and in a different kind of packaging. In keeping with the Xenomorph changes in Aliens, this version of the figure will not feature a removable dome or a skull-like face but it will retain the original design's points of articulation and spring-loaded jaw. Unfortunately, this collectible doesn’t come cheap: it will sell at SDCC for almost $200.

It looks like Super 7 has had a pretty good run with resurrecting Kenner's '70s era Alien merchandise, and this new Xenomorph figure marks the second item in this series to feature the Aliens name. The first item was a three-piece action figure set that included a 3 and 3/4th-inch Ripley figure, an Alien Queen, and a scale-accurate Power Loader. Whether Super 7 will release more Kenner-style figures based on Aliens (or any other Alien sequel or prequel) remains to be seen.

Super 7's three-piece Aliens figure set.


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