Friday, February 3, 2012

Star Wars’ IG-88 Arrives at Sideshow Collectibles

For a long time, one of the great mysteries for me about the Star Wars universe was the bounty hunter droid IG-88. Sure, he looks cool, he stood among Darth Vader’s lineup of ruthless bounty hunters in Empire Strikes Back, and the subsequent novels and comic books portrayed IG-88 and other IG series droids as the Terminators of the Star Wars franchise. Yet when I got the IG-88 action figure shortly after Empire hit the theaters in 1980, I couldn’t imagine this droid being very tough. He only had dainty little claws to hold his weapons, claws that were smaller than Ewok hands--hardly intimidating. He also lacked any visible knee joints; how could he walk, run or even climb stairs, let alone hunt anything for bounty?

Thankfully, Sideshow Collectibles has brought IG-88 into the world of multi-jointed scale replicas to clarify any misconceptions about what this droid is capable of doing. This new one-sixth scale IG-88 figure features over 20 points of articulation, battery-powered lights in the head, an assortment of weapons, and a deluxe illuminated display base. Judging from the pictures below, Sideshow Collectibles has really gone out of its way to add a new level of detail (as well as knees) to one of the lesser-known characters of the Star Wars universe. Click here to learn more about this fantastic figure and how you can add it to your Star Wars collection.

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