Homemade, Life-Sized Monsters for Sale

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, even for a Virginia Beach area monster maker such as Georgette Gaynor. I’ve covered Gaynor’s previous monster mashes for charitable causes (see here and here) but after seven years of Halloween fundraisers, she’s turning in her mad monster making license and selling her horrific horde to anyone monster fan who is interested.

Gaynor’s collection consists of over 70 life-sized monsters and other Halloween props. All monsters are self-standing on a ten pound weighted base, and individual monster prices range from $45 to $100. The monsters are durable and have been crafted from quality materials, with a wooden base and an iron pole that supports the PVC-molded monster body. Both the heads and the upper chest are hard foamed, and most monsters have arms that can be posed to hold other objects. These monsters have been used in Halloween events such as the Foodbank Monster Walk in 2008 Seton House Masquerade Ball in 2009, and they’d be ideal for display in local haunted house events and in shops that specialize in horror-friendly merchandise (such as comic books and costumes).

Gaynor is selling the monsters individually, but discounts can be applied to the purchase of multiple monsters or the entire inventory. If you are interested, you can contact Georgette Gaynor at 757 467-5684 or at jgynr@aol.com. Click below to see a picture gallery of some of the monsters that you can add to your own collection.


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