Five Indiana Jones Crossovers I'd Like to See

Since Disney acquired Lucasfilm and announced the production of a new trilogy of Star Wars movies, rumors have been circulating about the fate of Lucasfilm's other hot property: Indiana Jones. Some say that Harrison Ford's return to the Star Wars franchise was contingent upon him returning to the role of Indy in at least one more movie, while others believe that the next Indiana Jones film will be a reboot with a younger actor sporting the familiar Fedora-and-whip combo. Regardless of what ultimately happens to everyone's favorite pulp archeologist, here are five Indiana Jones crossovers that I would like to see. Click below to see my wish list, arranged according to personal preference.

5. Indiana Jones and Captain America

Since Disney now owns both Lucasfilm and Marvel, this crossover could happen as some kind of comic book miniseries. Both characters are rooted in the aesthetic of pulp action/adventure fiction from the '30s and '40s and each has tangled with various Nazi occult schemes, so putting these two together in a single adventure is a no-brainer. Then again, if Cap isn't available, Indy could always partner with other pulp heroes, either those who were created during the World War II era (The Shadow, The Green Hornet) or those who were created afterwards (The Rocketeer, Sky Captain).

4. Indiana Jones and Predator

Given his frequent travels to dense, steamy jungles, it would only be a matter of time until Indy catches the attention of a certain interstellar big game hunter. Besides, the subterranean temple in the 2004 Alien vs. Predator movie behaved like something out of an Indiana Jones story anyway (moving walls, trap doors, etc.), so why not include Indy in an upcoming Predator romp?

3. Indiana Jones and Stargate

Between the ancient Egyptian themes of both Raiders of the Lost Ark and Stargate, I could imagine Indy poking around a certain circular artifact that was unearthed in 1928 to see what it does. This wouldn't necessarily be a time travel adventure involving the characters from Stargate SG-1 or its spin-offs, bit it would be fun to see Indy match wits with a Goa'uld and his/her Jaffa lackeys.

2. Indiana Jones and Nazi Zombies

Indy has watched plenty of Nazis die gruesomely due to a supernatural force, so it would make sense to have him see Nazis coming back from the dead in a similar fashion. If I had to pick a particular set of Nazi zombies, I'd go with the ones from the 1977 movie Shock Waves: they're creepy, they're organized, and they've got a weakness that fits perfectly with Indy's whip-cracking skills.

1. Indiana Jones and Cthulhu

This one almost writes itself: Just begin with Indy as a guest lecturer at Miskatonic University and let the ancient, unearthly horrors commence!


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