The Busts and Model Kits of B-Movie Creature Features (Part 3 of 3): Alien Invaders

In this final post of my three-part series devoted to fan-made creature feature busts and model kits, we'll be taking a look at items based on alien invasion movies.

If you’re interested in picking up a B-movie creature feature bust or model kit for yourself, I've found some places online where you can learn more about these kinds of products. The Amazing Figure Modeler magazine site has links to artists and companies that specialize in creature feature stuff, as well as tips for model making in general. The Monster Model Review site also features links to bust and model artists and companies, as well as video reviews of various kits. For additional pictures of B-movie creature feature busts and model kits, you can check out sites such as The Doctor’s Model Mansion and The Garage Kit Model Gallery of Monster Jones.

The prices of B-movie creature feature busts and model kits are more expensive than reissues of classic Aurora monster model kits, with prices frequently ranging from around $50 to somewhere in the hundreds. Thus, if you're going to buy a kit of this type, be sure that your hobby skills of assembly and painting are up to the challenge. It should also be noted that the kits themselves vary in terms of how accurate they are in representing their source material, so plenty will depend upon how much you're willing to pay for something that misses certain details of your favorite B-grade movie monster.

Click below to see a selection of B-movie alien invader busts and model kits.

Alien Invaders:


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