The Tall Man's Reign of Terror Continues in Phantasm V: Ravager

Of all the sequels that are scheduled for release next year, one took me completely by surprise--Phantasm V: Ravager, the long-awaited final installment of Don Coscarelli's bizarre horror series that began way back in 1979.

News of the sequel first appeared last week, although Coscarelli has stated that Ravager has quietly been in production for the last two years. Five main cast members from the original movie will be in the sequel, including Angus Scrimm as the enigmatic Tall Man, although Coscarelli has handed the director's chair over to animator David Hartman. According to Coscarelli, Ravager will feature a few surprises for the fans and a trip to the Tall Man's home world, wherever (or whenever?) that may be. With this being the final entry, I hoping that we’ll at least see a brief cameo by James Le Gros, the alternate Mike from Phantasm II (1988).

Even though Ravager has completed production, nothing has been said yet about the exact date of its 2015 release or how it will be distributed. Click here to go to the official Phantasm site for more updates, and check out the first trailer for Ravager in the video window below.


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