ASIMO, the Action Figure

By now, I'm used to seeing hyper-detailed, hyper-poseable (and often hyper-expensive) robot action figures--take the selection of anime robot figures offered by Revoltech, for example. However, this is the first time that I've seen a detailed and poseable figure based on a real robot.

The Japan Trend Shop has a 1/8 action figure based on Honda's ASIMO robot. The figure features two sets of palms and over fifteen points of articulation, so it can be posed in ways that match the real ASIMO. It's a very impressive replica of the real thing, and a worthy addition for anyone who's a fan of robots--both the real and the imagined varieties.

You can order your ASIMO figure from Japan Trend Shop here. If you order now, 5 percent of your payment will be donated to Red Cross and Médecins Sans Frontières to support their services for the survivors of Japan's recent earthquake and flooding. Even if you aren't interested in the ASIMO figure, the Japan Trend Shop has plenty of other uniquely Japanese stuff (including some nifty, hard-to-find Godzilla and Star Wars merchandise) so feel free to look around so you can get your geek on and help Japan at the same time. Everyone wins!


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