Local Movie Maker Merits Award at Film and Video Competition

It's always nice to see a local budding movie maker win an award in his area of fan devotion. Barry Worthington recently received an award of merit for artistic and technical expertise from Accolade, a film, television, new media and videography competition based in San Diego. Worthington is a native of Gaithersburg, MD, which is right in my figurative backyard; the award he won was for River Haven, a 15 minute science fiction/horror short.

Worthington's other short films include Funkalicious and Advanced. (Covingway Enterprises, the fictitious company which appears in River Haven, also plays a role in Advanced; I suppose Covingway is the Weyland-Yutani Corporation of the Advanced/River Haven universe.) Worthington and his company Limitless Films are currently working on Kin, a crime drama.

Click here to watch River Haven, Advanced, and some of his other films on YouTube. Click here to read more about Worthington and his work in an article by the Gaithersburg Gazette, and click here to see his profile on IMDb. Congratulations Barry!


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