NECA's Big, Bad Predator Jamboree at Toy Fair 2011

You'd think that a blog with the word "Toys" in the title would at least have some coverage of Toy Fair 2011, which was held last month in New York, wouldn't you? Sadly, I have not been able to cover this geek-friendly event largely because 1.) I couldn't make it to the event itself and 2.) even if I did, my brain would've probably melted like butter while in the presence of such an overwhelming selection of truly awesome stuff.

Nevertheless, as I was wading through the mountains of Toy Fair 2011 coverage for something specific at which to gawk, I found myself looking at the upcoming releases from one of my personal favorites, NECA, and their line of Predator figures. Not only is NECA adding a multi-jointed figure of the Predator hound to their 7 inch line of figures from Predators, but they are also releasing jumbo "1/4 scale" figures of the creatures from Predator and Predator 2. Of course, NECA is providing 1/4 scale figures for other licenses, such as Nightmare on Elm Street and Terminator, but NECA's previous sculpts of Stan Winston's magnificent movie monster and its numerous variations in the Predator franchise have always impressed me and these new figures look to be no exception to that trend.

Click below to see a few pictures of NECA's new Predator figures, which I have reposted here with the permission from the Idle Hands blog. Be sure to read Idle Hands' in-depth coverage of Toy Fair 2011, and check out its comprehensive Toy Fair 2011 photo gallery at Flickr.


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