A Preview Trailer for Tron Uprising has Arrived!

I'm not sure where it came from, but it just showed up on the Internet this week: a preview trailer for the upcoming Tron Uprising TV series. Click here to watch the trailer on YouTube.

I haven't heard much else about the Uprising, except that it will begin with a 10 episode "micro-series" this fall, followed by a regular TV series in the summer of 2012. Judging from the trailer, the animation style will be part hand-drawn and part CGI (as opposed to Star Wars: Clone Wars, which is completely CGI) and, if it maintains the level of quality shown in the trailer, it should keep Tron fans amazed for quite some time. The voice cast also looks to be impressive, which includes Elijah Wood, Lance Henriksen, Mandy Moore, Paul Reubens and Bruce Boxleitner, who is reprising his role again as Tron.

From what I've heard, Uprising will take place between Clu 2.0's overthrow of Kevin Flynn and Sam Flynn's arrival in the grid world in Tron Legacy. The main character in Uprising will be Beck (voiced by Wood), who will be trained by Tron to fight against Clu 2.0 and his regime. On the basis of this summary, I'm assuming that Uprising will at some point explain how Tron was transformed into Rinzler and why Beck wasn't seen in Legacy. Whether Uprising will include characters from Legacy (such as Quorra or Zuse) or characters from the Tron Evolution video games (such as Gibson or Blaze)--or whether the writers will use the series to introduce characters and plot threads that will play into the next Tron movie--remains to be seen.

Even though it looks like Uprising will take place within the grid world, I'm hoping that it will have a few episodes that take place in the real world to explore what happened within Encom after Kevin Flynn's disappearance. It would also be nice to have a flashback episode or two that detail Tron's life on the Encom mainframe, perhaps even before the events of the first Tron movie, to better understand the internal workings of the computer world before Flynn decided to build his own grid world. Finally, this show really needs to find some way to incorporate David Warner's vocal talents, either reprising his role as Ed Dillinger in an Encom episode, or reprising his roles as Sark and the Master Control Program in a flashback episode.


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